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Release date 16th May

When the American Air Force conduct final tests on Global Raider, a strategic, unmanned bomber capable of deploying missiles from the outer stratosphere.



A twister serial killer with global influence...

DI Sean Fagan investigates the ritual murder of three young women and finds link between each victim and the world' s most popular computer game, Princess Kay-ling. When police high-tech units examine hard drives taken from the murder victims' PCs, traces of subliminal psychotic induction are found. This induces victims to trust and obey characters from the game. These characters then order the women to remote places or use this trust to gain entry into their homes. When a fourth woman is murdered in Ireland, Sean realises he hunts a serial killer capable of global influence. He also discovers the Government is aware and observing, When his own young daughters become involved, nightmare encircles him.



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Global Raider author: james Mckenna

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When the American Air Force conduct final tests on Global Raider, a strategic, unmanned bomber capable of deploying missiles from the outer stratosphere....View More »

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