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Gloabal Raider

Release May 16th

When the American Air Force conduct final tests on Global Raider, a strategic, unmanned bomber capable of deploying missiles from the outer stratosphere, Islamic terrorists close in to hi-jack the aircraft and cause an international disaster. On advice from Security, Juliet Walsh, daughter of Global Raider’s manufacturer, is sent to a safe house in Britain under close protection of her bodyguards Lisa and Seb, an ex-SAS officer to whom she becomes attached. Betrayal and deceit within Walsh Securities allows Juliet’s abduction and Seb is blamed. But who is the real enemy within? While Global Raider flies above the Middle East with its deadly missiles, terrorists and the USAF wrestle for its control as Seb hunts for Juliet and her abductors. In New York her father is faced with the sacrifice of his only child amidst the intransigent hatred between terrorists and US government. When missiles are let loose only Seb can change the balance, but who does he trust?

Gloabal Raider by James McKenna  

Gloabal Raider by James McKenna  


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