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The Mind Traveller

When Rosie inherits a Mind Traveller's locket from her mother she is transported to Mind Space and thrown into the angel wars. With help from Elissa of the Special Angel Services, the SAS and three village boys who have been accidently transported with her, she joins with the Knights of Lousã in battle against Hisdrillo the Dark Angel and his Grolack tree monsters. Rosie is warned that if the sand in her locket runs out, she and her pals will be trapped forever in Mind Space. When Grolacks invade the castle, Rosie and friends are sent to wake the feared Dragon Queen and ask for her help. Together they fight the Grolacks but her friends are captured and the dragon killed. With sand in the timer nearly gone all seems lost, except Rosie's will and determination.. Mind Space is where you are encapsulated when time future rolls into time past. A place somewhere in the infinite centre of time change, a place that must exist yet cannot exist.

The Mind Traveller by James McKenna  


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