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The Witch's Shadow

Once again Rosie enters Mind Space to fight in the Angel Wars. Her mission, to release Prince Tiago and the Cloud Riders trapped in the Valley of Stone so they can join battle against the scrowlers and Dark Angels. Chased by the witch, Gizeda whose bite turns victims into spiders, Rosie and her pals must first rescue Tiago’s wife and child who are trapped in Southwold, 1672. Elissa from the Special Angel Service gives help but all are caught in the sea battle between the Dutch and English. Danger is everywhere, Gizeda closes in and Rosie has only her own determination and skills to save her friends.Mind Space, where time future slips to time past through time present, that place of transition where all time is condensed by infinity, a place which must exist yet cannot exist except in our minds.

The Witch's Shadow by James McKenna  


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