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James McKenna was born during the bombing of London in WWII and as the child of a British Army officer, spent time amidst the wretchedness of post-war Austria before travelling with his family to the Far East.  


At the age of 15 he joined the British Army and attended the apprenticeship college at Harrogate, then the Royal School of Military Engineering.  At 17 he passed selection for the Paras serving in the Gulf and Europe.  Afterwards running his own electronic and physical protection company gave insider knowledge for his crime thrillers The Unseen, The Uncounted, The Unwanted and Global Raider.


Now a father and grandfather, in parallel to these crime thrillers, he has ventured into the action/fantasy world of the young reader aged 12+.  The Mind Traveller is the first of a series where Rosie adventures deep into the unchartered universe of Mind Space.


As a fulltime writer he lives between the UK, Portugal and Ireland.